Where to get an oil change in Buffalo: 4 important things to know

Don't miss the last one.

Regular oil changes give you a quieter, smoother-running engine.  Fresh oil changes keep your engine clean and lubricated, so your engine runs like a top and purrs like a kitten.  When your engine is lubricated, parts work together more smoothly, which means you may get better gas mileage too.  Regular oil changes actually save you in gas money.  Who can say no to that?

Oil changes gives you an engine that lasts much, much longer. 
When you change your oil on a regularly scheduled basis, your engine stays clear of debris that could otherwise clog u the work and create long-term problems in the running of your car.  Remember, the oil in your engine comes into contact with almost every part of the engine.  It picks up things along its journey around your engine and those little things can cause issues for you over  period of time.  Also, oil acts as a kind of coolant for your engine, keeping everything lubricated and preventing everything from getting too hot.  When your oil is old, the debris in the oil and simply the age of the oil will cause it to break down and stop running through the engine so smoothly.  With a regular oil change, you'll be far less prone to breakdowns and your car will run at its optimum performance.  Oil changes seem like a basic add-on, but they're essential for keeping your engine in good shape over the long term.

You may not need to get an oil change every 3,000 miles.  As far as how often you should get an oil change - it's a little flexible depending on your vehicle age and a few other factors.  Talk to your dealer about how often they recommend getting it done.  Depending on your vehicle mode and your specific car's history, your regular oil changes can be done anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 or even longer periods.

And on big secret you shouldn't miss.  When you buy a car from Joe Cecconi's you get free oil changes for the life of your  car.  What's a better incentive to get an oil change than having it come absolutely free?
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